Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Where have the pickles gone?

I am extremely distressed, after learning that the pickles I grew up with, the Nalley brand, are no longer being grown locally, but now being grown in India.

This article in the Seattle PI sparked my interest:

Northwest brands reject pickles from local northwest growers

all in the name of cheaper labor, our pickles are now even being outsourced. This year I bought extra cucumber seeds, so I will be making my own local pickles from now on, thank you! More good reason to move to the 100 mile diet!

Comments anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hi - I found your blog from your link at Elements in Time (The Growing Challenge). I live in Vancouver (BC) and have also signed up for the challenge - so far so good!

Regarding you post abou the pickles, I'm finding the same kind of problems with many of our "local" processed foods. While local produce seems to be getting easier to find (farmer's markets and CSA's) the packaged stuff is opting for ingredients from farther and farther away.

CBC had a great show on product labelling. It refers specifically to the requirements in Canada, but it may be similar in the US.


Good luck with The Growing Challenge - I look forward to checking back often to see how your garden is growing.

Erica said...

How disappointing for you! So many of our foods come from overseas, it's saddening the more you learn about it also!

I plan on canning our own pickles this year also. It'll be a new thing for both of us then!

Melinda said...

Hey, Cici. First of all: crazy that pickles are now being grown in India. Second: where have you been??!! And third: would you be interested in a local blogger get-together? I've just posted about it on my new blog - will you come by and let me know what you think?? Thanks!!

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