Thursday, December 20, 2007


For myself and guests who visit, I found the most comfy cozy mugs ever. They just beg for a generous cup of hot chai, coffee, or a mega cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipping cream!

Hand warmer mugs from that warm your hands and are lead free and made in the Pacific Northwest! They are well worth the cost, and have a nice chunky fit in your hand. I couldn’t put mine down this morning, and I just ordered some more. I like them so much I might order some other pottery pieces just to match. I got the brown and turquoise ones. They make great gifts too. I think this is my favorite piece of comfy cozy I have found lately!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Advent Kickoff!

I want my Advent also to be a time of renewal, and also family. I have made preparations during the month of November to get most of the frantic stuff out of the way to pave way for a peaceful family advent. I see it as a time for us to grow as a family and become closer in family prayer. I also want to focus on prayer as an individual and make this season a good one that peaks with the Midnight Mass!!!

Goals for today and this week:

1. Set up advent wreath and candles and set up Jesse Tree
2. locate all advent materials and place them in a small basket or on table in convenient location
3. Start reading my GK Chesterton Advent book
4. Go to Mass to celebrate first Sunday of Advent
5. Start playing Christmas music (locate CDs, piano music)
6. Finish decorating for Christmas (tree part way up, find nativity set and place for it)
7. Plan some Advent family activities (drive around and look at lights, song night, go shopping for the poor)
8. Go to Advent GIFT night at Church on Dec 5 as a family
9. Go to confession next Friday
10. Go to Adoration 1 hour sometime this week
11. Send out the Christmas Cards that I already addressed and have ready to go